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All the powerful secrets we didn't learn in school

What if there are things we never had the opportunity to learn? We’ve all been to school or training, but there are things they never taught us that actually make a powerful difference in life.

Living well involves keeping both your mind and your body at their best – and traditionally we just aren’t learning all of that. 

As a corporate trainer/former teacher, network marketing leader and certified mindset coach, I’ve learned and taught vital lessons about creating a happy and successful life (while still having fun!). I’ve mentored over 100 people to start a social selling business, and guided many hundreds of people to create healthier habits for weight maintenance, increasing energy, or creating healthy habits.

Oh my goodness, let’s keep learning how to do life differently.

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About OMG Teach Me


The strangest secret is that we become what we think about all day long.

-Earl Nightingale


Let’s talk about how to look and feel our best so we can be our best.

Healthy Habits

If we fuel our bodies and move regularly, our bodies allow us to go out and be awesome.

We may know all the facts – and how to find them if we don’t know. But do we know how to navigate a world where our thoughts matter, we need to put our best foot forward, and we actually want to enjoy ourselves while doing it?

Let’s make sure we do.

Private Group Coaching Coming in 2024

Emotions are your super power – and often we believe we have to hide them, or we don’t know how to use them well to create success.

Stay tuned for a new coaching experience coming soon. Make sure to enter your contact information below and I will keep you in the know!